Quality and Efficiency

Scanning your film directly to a Digital Intermediate has enormous benefits to your workflow efficiency and your post-production ‘bottom-line’.

The old, Telecine ‘one-light’ transfer process is dead, and the transition away from using limited quality digital videotape in favor of high quality DPX files, brings with it the numerous advantages of file-based post-production, including:

    • Faster than real-time data movement.
    • Simple and predictable editing at the actual filmed frame-rate of 24fps.
    • Full completion requires only a single scan-pass.
    • Color-correction at any stage of the post-production process.
    • No need for environmentally damaging film cleaning techniques.
    • No TV-based 3:2 pull-down requirements.
    • 24 fps/ 48khz process is used to final output – no 23.976 or 25fps modifications to be incorporated.
    • Simplified workflow with predictable results.
    • Maintains highest possible quality through to your final output.
    • Small scale, inexpensive computer systems may be used without specialist dedicated hardware requirements.

The DI Workflow requires only a single scan of your film to complete the entire process of post-production. Throughout color grading, editing, VFX, and CGI, the Digital Intermediate maintains its original quality and latitude to the final output whether printed back to 35mm Theatrical print or exported for Digital Cinema Theatrical output.

As DIAGRAM 1 clearly shows, scanning your film to DI provides a high-quality, pathway throughout the post production process, maintaining the original frame-rate of 24fps, and allowing easy integration throughout the post process, right through to multiple format PAL, NTSC or Blu-Ray consumer DVD output for sale to the public.


The Digital Intermediate Work Flow


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